Your Guide to Stocking Stuffers (That Don't Suck) Under $40 | Stocking Stuffers for Fidgeters, Survivalists, and Hobbyists

Your Guide to Stocking Stuffers (That Don't Suck) Under $40 | Stocking Stuffers for Fidgeters, Survivalists, and Hobbyists

Ah yes, stockings. 

Are you planning to fill your loved one's stocking with candy?

Socks, maybe? Socks stuffed inside of a stocking does seem kind of funny. 

Well, but the recipient will definitely be expecting both candy and socks. That makes both gifts a little on the boring side. 

If you're looking for stocking stuffers that elicit curiosity instead of a yawn, read on. 

1. Our credit card sized lock pick set

is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves tinkering or fidgeting. And, since only 50 have been made so far, it's not a gift they're likely to get from anyone else this year. 

Price: $25

Get it here


2. A knife sharpening stone

is a perfect stocking stuffer for woodworkers, campers, chefs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Plus it takes up 7" of stocking space, so you won't need to buy much else ;)

Price: $34.99

Get it here


3. This fidget cube  

offers multidirectional fun and serves as an anxiety relief tool. 


Price: $19.99

Get it here


4. An emergency multitool 

makes a sweet stocking stuffer for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. This one has 17 tools in one, including a hammer. 

Price: $27.98

Get it here


5. Bear Claws Shredder Paws

definitely make for an unexpected gift for barbecuers and cooks. After seeing these, who would want to shred meat any other way? 

Price: $12.95

Get it here


6. Stainless steel odor absorbers

are great for chefs who work with onions and people who work out a lot. You just rub it on your skin like you would with soap, and it pulls the tangy smell right off. 

Price: $7.99

Get it here


7. This personal water filter has a reservoir

so your hiking, camping, or survivalist pal won't die of dysentery on their next adventure. 

Price: $39.95

Get it here


Speaking of survivalism, this 


8. Ultralight emergency tent for two

takes compact to a whole new level. It's perfect for day hikers and campers who don't have a lot of room to spare. 

Price: $21.95

Get it here


9. A pen.

But not just any pen. This multitasking ballpoint pen has a ruler and level built right in. It's perfect for woodworkers, builders, decorators, and hobbyists.


Price: $29.90

Get it here


10. The Can-Do Clamp

is a great gift for people who make a lot of 90 degree angles — whether they build frames, bookcases, or boxes. 


Price: $24.95

Get it here 


What's the best stocking stuffer you've ever given or received? The worst? Let us know in the comments below! 

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