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Dual Grit Sharpening Stone for Urban Survivalists and EDC

New picks aren't perfect, no matter who makes them. It's just a fact. Quickly clean up any rough edges or left over burrs on your new pick set with a sharpening stone. Or maybe you want to customize the end of hook to something more in line with how you pick. We provide the tools and then let you be the master. 

Outdoor Benefits

If you ever find your outdoor adventures are being slowed down by a dull knife, ax, or set of shears, our whetstone kit is a quick blade sharpening solution.

Our knife sharpening set makes a great addition to your EDC bag, kitchen drawer, or workshop table. 

In true minimalist fashion, our whetstone only needs water for lubrication. This makes it a highly portable and convenient traveling companion. 


Our Sharpening Stone Kit Includes:

  • 1000 grit side, perfect for bringing back a sharp edge fast
  • 6000 grit side, which will polish your newly sharpened blade 
  • Non-slip bamboo base
  • Whetstone sharpening angle guide
  • Instructions 

A Few Reasons Our Sharpening Stone is a Top Pick:

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our sharpening stone is durable and lasts a long time! It will prove to be a long-term trusted companion in the shop and in your travels.

EASY TO USE: The included edge guide and non-slip bamboo base make this sharpening stone easy to use. Soak the stone for a couple of minutes in water, and it is ready to go. 

MULTIPLE USES: The stone can be used to remove burs, finish metal work, sharpen all your knives as well as other tools around the house. Restore an edge to a pair of scissors or cutting shears. Your pocket knife or multi-tools can also benefit from our stone's sharpening powers. 

PORTABILITY: At 7” x 2.25”, this sharpening stone slides easily into small spaces. 

SAFETY: Sharp knives are safer to use because you can cut with less force.


By Vistal Supply for SubtleDigs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works great, affordable

First time using a sharpening stone but I sharpened my EDC pocket knife and our kitchen knife set and all are nicely sharp now.

Michael Davis
Great product

Great product, great service. Works like it should.

Wayne Prunkard
Good for the money

Not portable. Was expecting a different stone, but happy. Sharpened my EDC knife to a razors edge. No instructions included so get on YouTube if you’re not familiar with this stone.