Credit Card Lock Pick Set | Travel Lock Pick Set Survival Card | Made in the U.S. | Exclusive Design

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After your generous feedback on our first wallet lock pick set, we set out to make a brand new set that the locksport community would love. 

This is our first branded credit card lock pick set. 


We're producing a limited run of 50 on this set. All pre-orders will be shipped by the end of November. 


Based directly on your requests, this set features: 

  • 301 stainless steel
  • U.S. manufactured
  • Fully hardened
  • Branded design and engraving
  • Laser cut picks and tension wrench
  • 0.024" thickness

As for what's in the set?

We included all the essentials in one compact set: 

  • Three-hump bogota: For raking
  • Snake: For raking
  • Small hook: For single pin picking
  • Handcuff shim: For opening the locking mechanism on handcuffs
  • Flat bar tension wrench: Used to control tension at the top of the keyway
  • Sleeve included


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