Credit Card Lock Pick Set | Version 1.0 | Limited Edition

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Travel Lock Pick Set Survival Card

After your generous feedback on our first wallet lock pick set, we set out to make a brand new set that the locksport community would love. 

Based directly on your requests, this is our first branded credit card lock pick set. 

Limited edition.

Made in the USA 

Methodically scaled down to fit in a wallet without loosing the necessary ratios and shapes required of a full size set, these picks feel extra solid in the hand. 

This unique and intricate set features: 

  • 301 stainless steel
  • U.S. manufactured
  • Fully hardened
  • Custom branded design and engraving
  • Precision laser cut picks and tension wrench
  • 0.024" thickness

As for what's in the set?

We included all the essentials in one compact set: 

  • Three-hump bogota: For raking
  • Snake: For raking
  • Small hook: For single pin picking
  • Handcuff shim: For opening the locking mechanism on handcuffs
  • Flat bar tension wrench: Used to control tension at the top of the keyway
  • Sleeve included


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