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How easy is it to learn lock picking?

It takes practice but is within the reach of anyone willing to put in a little time. Like many skills, once you know how to do it, it is easy.


Why would I want to learn how to pick a lock?

First of all, it is fun. If you like puzzles or tinkering with things you will likely enjoy lock picking. It is also a great skill to have if you have lost your keys or are trying to get into a trunk in the attic or a shed when you can't find the key. It can save you the cost of having to hire a locksmith. There are many reasons for having this skill.


How many lock picks come in a practice set?

Our sets come with 12 picks and 3 tension wrenches, plus 4 picks and 1 tension wrench in the the spy credit card set.


Does your practice lock pick set come with practice locks?

Yes, our set includes practice locks of different types.


Where can I find a locksport group near me? 

Here are a few communities for lock pickers to connect:


The Open Organization of Lockpickers: 



Order Inquiries


How long will my order take to ship? 

Orders in processing status prior to 10AM PST / 1PM EST will typically ship the same day. In some cases, your order could ship the next business day. 

During the following excluded dates, SubtleDigs will endeavor to maintain our delivery times; however, we may be unable to do so due to unplanned spikes in shipping volume.

Excluded dates include the Friday after Thanksgiving, the week of Cyber-Monday, the first week of December, Mondays during December, December 12th-25th and New Year’s Eve.


Do you provide tracking for orders? 

Yes. An email will be sent out to you once your order has processed with the necessary information for you to track your order.


Who can I contact if there is an issue with my order? 

Please email support@subtledigs.com


Where do I send a return?

Returns will be honored if within 30 days of purchase with proof of purchase. Returns will be sent to 1032 Kenoyer Dr., Bellingham, WA 98229.

Please see our return policy for more information.