Wholesale Lock Picks and Lockpicking Tools

Are you looking for a wholesale lockpick partner? Do you need unique or custom lock picks sets not typically found on the web? 

At SubtleDigs, we invest in top-of-the-line machinery, marketing, and logistics, allowing us to design, manufacture, and ship lock pick kits in bulk. 

We design and make quality products. All of our lockpick manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad have a depth of experience (working with some of the largest machining companies in the world). We perform significant due diligence, ensuring every product we sell is exceptional. 

If you have any questions about our wholesale lock picking capabilities, please contact us using the form below. 

To set up your wholesale account, fill out the form below. 

If you have a business tax account number or you belong to a tax-exempt organization in the U.S., follow the steps below.


Step 1: Register as a vendor using the form above. Once we receive your tax information, we will create a wholesale account for you and follow up with the details. Please be sure that all forms and documents are submitted correctly for faster processing. 

Step 2: E-Mail a copy of your Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate to info@subtledigs.com 


*Wholesale pricing is not valid with any other promotion or credits.