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Stainless Steel Travel Lock Picking Kit for Locksport Beginners

Survivalists who want to master the basics of lock picking will appreciate our travel lock picking tool set. 

Available exclusively from SubtleDigs, this lock pick kit features rust-resistant spring steel. Each pick fits perfectly inside an ultra-portable case that feels like smooth leather. 


Thieves pick pockets. Intellectuals pick locks. 


Why is this lock pick set made of spring steel?

Depending on your skill level and the difficulty of a given lock, picks can be subject to a lot of bending and twisting during use. 

Spring steel has a high yield strength, which means it returns to its original shape even with significant manipulation. 

In short: Our travel lock pick set is better than the flimsy kits you'd find on Amazon.

And, thanks to the chromium content of the stainless steel, this set is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant.


How compact is this lock pick set?

If you want a lock pick set you can fit in your toolbox, car, or EDC bag, this is the one. 

When you're finished picking your latest lock challenge, simply roll the set up and tuck it away like a fine wallet. 

Dimensions: 140 mm (5.5 in) X 78 mm (3 in) X 27 mm (1.2 in)


Our Travel Lock Pick Set Includes: 

  • Five tension wrenches
  • Twelve lock picks made from high quality spring steel 
  • Quality case for easy pick selection and safe storage

Technical specs and product features:

  • Lock pick blade thickness: 0.69 mm (0.027 in)
  • Length: 120 mm (4.7 in)
  • Weight: 6 grams (0.21 oz)
  • Material: Corrosion and rust-resistant stainless steel (301 comparable)
  • Unique design with multiple tension wrenches and picks to cover a broad range of locks

The Picks in This Set: 

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Customer Reviews

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A great "next level" set of lockpicks

After opening my very first lock using the beginner lock pick set from SubtleDigs, I became motivated to try a similar concept with other locks. I wanted a set that could stand up to lots of use, and something that felt professional. So I got this set, along with some locks from Lowe's and a few more stray locks laying around. With this set, I opened these other locks! I like the sleek feel of this wallet set. It's compact. The picks are not "tumbled," but I didn't know that was a thing until recently, and I love the organic feel of these picks. They're super sturdy, too. I have a feeling I'll be using them a lot as I level up to more challenging locks.