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Tango-Foxtrot Bundle Set

Tango-Foxtrot Bundle Set

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Tango-Foxtrot V2  +  Clear Practice Lock

Our travel lock pick set is perfect for First Responders, Survivalists, Maintenance Folks, Hunters, EDC, or anyone who could find themselves needing entry in an emergency or a crisis.  It is wallet size for carrying, putting in a go-bag, an emergency supply kit, or bringing to the local locksport event. We call it Tango-Foxtrot V2. 

The travel set contains four single-pin picks for single-pin picking, a city rake for rocking, and a worm, which is loved by many for its speed in getting locks open.

Four tension wrenches are included to handle multiple lock types (Two top-of-the-keyway and two bottom-of-the-keyway wrenches).

A key extractor should be a part of everyone’s set and is included here to round out the pick selection.

The picks are made from aircraft-grade US Steel fully hardened 301 stainless steel to last a long time and be very durable. 

The wallet is made from soft genuine leather that ages well. 

This kit includes a clear practice lock.

Available exclusively from SubtleDigs. 

Our custom picks are designed in-house by engineers and made in the USA. 

  • Our Tango-Foxtrot Bundle Set Includes: 

    • Clear Practice Lock
    • Single Pin Picks
      • Small hook
      • Medium hook
      • Diamond
      • Reach
    • Rakes
      • City Rake
      • Worm
    • Key Extractor
    • 2 Double-Sided Top Of The Keyway Tension Wrenches
    • 2 Bottom Of The Keyway Tension Wrenches
    • Leather Wallet Case (With Space For Additional Picks)


    Thieves pick pockets. Intellectuals pick locks. 


    Why is this lock pick set made of hardened 301 stainless steel?

    We use a fully hardened 301 stainless steel. This is an aircraft-grade stainless. The fully hard is over three times as strong as annealed (Yield strength of 140 ksi vs 45 ksi) and is almost twice as hard (Rockwell C41 vs  C25).  We do this to make the picks last a long time. 

    In short: Our travel lock pick set is better than the flimsy kits you'd find on Amazon.


    How compact is this lock pick set?

    If you want a lock pick set you can fit in your toolbox, car, or EDC bag, this is the one. 

    The set folds out for easy pick selection with a flap to keep picks where they should be. Even though this set is compact, we have left empty slots for you to store additional picks. 

    When you are finished picking your latest lock challenge, simply roll the set back up and tuck it away like a fine wallet. 

    The leather wallet is fairly stiff like all leather when new but will age well and get that wonderful patina like your favorite leather jacket.


    Dimensions: 140 mm (5.5 in) X 78 mm (3 in) X 27 mm (1.2 in)


    Technical specs and product features:

    • Lock pick blade thickness: 0.61 mm (0.024 in)
    • Length: 120 mm (4.75 in)
    • Weight: 6 grams (0.21 oz)
    • Material: 301 stainless steel fully hardened
    • Unique design with multiple tension wrenches and picks to cover a broad range of locks

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