Beginner Lock Pick Set with Clear Locks and Bonus Lock Pick Guide

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Beginner Lock Picking Tools for Urban Survivalists and Aspiring Spies

Our quality lock pick set and carrying case combo has everything you need to master the art of lockpicking. If you’ve ever been curious about how to pick a lock, this set of clear locks, picks, and pocket guide are all you need to learn. Makes a perfect gift for spy gear aficionados, puzzle solvers, and urban survivalists.

Comes to $2.60 per pick, tension tool, and lock, PLUS you get a hardshell carrying case. 

Our Lock Pick Kit Includes:

  • Carbon steel lock picks with stainless steel handles (12)
  • Tension wrenches (3)
  • Three clear practice locks (including a 6-pin padlock, disk-detainer lock, and a wafer lock)
  • Keys for the locks in case you give up
  • Quality hardshell lockpick case for easy carrying
  • Small carrying pouch to hold your tools in style
  • Extra wallet-sized lock pick set for EDC and emergencies
  • Bonus pocket-sized lock pick guide


Made by Vistal Supply for SubtleDigs. 



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Customer Reviews

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Going to be a Christmas present

Very well done

The set came, everything was there and within a couple days I was picking every lock I possibly was allowed to, now I can pick, and open many locks
Thanks subtledigs!


Beginner Lock Pick Set with Clear Locks and Bonus Lock Pick Guide

Awesome beginner lock pick kit

I ordered this beginner lock pick set and have been pleasantly surprised. There are three locks included as well as a variety of pics. The case seems solid, and each item has a specific compartment it fits into which is nice. The small handbook that comes with it does a good job of explaining how a basic padlock works – but honestly I’ve been using YouTube to learn the basics. Overall, this is a great beginner set. Thanks!


Lock set and picks are nice. No instructions were provided for their use on the locks provided that have not been encountered before. Renders part of the kit rather useless!