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Skill Development Set | Set of 5 Tumbler Locks

Skill Development Set | Set of 5 Tumbler Locks

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This set of keyed cylinder pin tumbler locks is designed to take your lock picking skills from basic to a more refined intermediate level.

The cylinders progress from 2 to 6 pins, so the complexity increases along with your skills. Each uses a different key so that you get a new experience with each lock. 


Made of standard lock materials (brass and stainless steel) so they feel exactly like real locks.

Includes 5 cylinder locks, each with a different number of pins:

  • 2 pin
  • 3 pin
  • 4 pin
  • 5 pin
  • 6 pin

Designed to be used with your own lock pick tools (not included). We also sell a beginner lock picking guide

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for next-level picking

After buying the beginner lock pick set from SubtleDigs and realizing how fun this hobby was, I decided to go for this more advanced set. So far, I've picked the 2, 3, and 4-pin tumblers. I'm confident that in time, I'll be able to pick the last two.