Who Makes the Best Beginner Lock Pick Set?

Who Makes the Best Beginner Lock Pick Set?

Lock picking is a fun, brain-building sport that becomes increasingly addicting as your skills improve.

But if you’ve never picked a lock before, you’ll want to start your journey with a quality beginner lock pick set. The best beginner lock pick sets provide you with all the picks, tools, and guidance needed to successfully pick your first lock. 

Here, we’ll provide you with a quick comparison of five of the most popular sets available. Each set has its own benefits and drawbacks. 


Lokko Labs Challenge Box 

Price: $56.95

Website: https://lokkolabs.com/

Arriving in a sleek, branded cardboard box, the Lokko beginner lock pick set positions itself as a brain training challenge. 

The set includes these tools to get you started in lock picking:

  • 12 lock picks
  • 5 tension tools
  • Clear acrylic padlock
  • Clear double-sided practice lock
  • Leather wallet
  • Bonus set of mini picks in a credit card-style case
  • Instruction manual

Because it includes practice locks, picks, and instructions, this lock pick set is ideal for people who are completely new to locksport. 

SouthOrd PSX-14

Price: $29.95

Website: https://www.southord.com/products/lock-pick-set-14-piece-pxs-14

SouthOrd’s most popular beginner lock pick set offers a no-frills entry into lock picking. The stainless steel picks include slide-on grips, which make handling easier (although one seller notes the grips can be tricky to slide-on). 


  • 9 lock picks
  • 4 tension tools
  • 1 broken key extractor
  • Leather zippered case (Vegan option available) 

Without the clear padlocks or instructions, this basic set is great for beginners who don’t mind seeking out additional resources on their own. The stainless steel material makes it a particularly smart choice in terms of quality. 

SubtleDigs Beginner Set

Price: $59.97

Website: https://subtledigs.com/products/practice-lockpick-set-with-clear-locks-and-bonus-lock-pick-guide

With a number of locks, tools, and carrying cases, SubtleDigs’ beginner lock pick set is the most comprehensive of the beginners sets.


  • 11 lock picks 
  • 3 tension tools
  • 1 broken key extractor
  • Transparent Padlock
  • Clear Disk Detainer Lock
  • Double-Sided Practice Lock
  • Bonus set of mini picks in a credit card-style case
  • Snap-shut carrying pouch for picks
  • Hardshell case holding the full kit
  • Pocket-sized lock pick guide

While this set is more expensive than other beginner lock pick sets on the market, it also includes more tools. It’s ideal for complete beginners who want to get a feel for picking multiple types of locks with a variety of picks. 

Sparrows Kick Start Set 

Price: $19.95 ($37.45 with cutaway lock) 

Website: https://www.sparrowslockpicks.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=S0

While the Sparrows Kick Start Set includes fewer tools than the other beginner lock pick sets, it stands out in terms of material: Each pick is made of 301 Cold Max steel. 


  • 4 lock picks
  • 6 tension wrenches
  • Velcro case 

This set is ideal for beginner or intermediate pickers who plan to expand their pick collection over time. 

LockProX Ultimate Locksmith Training Kit

Price: $45.97

Website: https://epicgeardeals.com/products/lockprox-ultimate-26pcs-locksmith-training-kit 

The LockProX Ultimate Locksmith Training Kit is unusual because it includes picks made for both tumbler locks and wafer locks. 


  • 19 lock picks
  • 4 tension tools
  • 1 broken key extractor
  • Transparent padlock
  • Zippered case

This set might confuse beginners with the overwhelming variety of picks, many of which can not be used with the included practice lock. 

At the same time, if you’re unsure what types of locks you’d like to pick, this might be the set for you. 

What do you think should be included in every beginner lock pick set? Let us know in the comments! 

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