What Are the Benefits of Carrying a Wallet Sized Lock Pick Set?

What Are the Benefits of Carrying a Wallet Sized Lock Pick Set?

Most of us don’t carry a full set of lock picks with us all the time.

Standard lock pick sets are too big for pockets, and we are not always thinking about security measures.

A wallet-sized lock pick set, on the other hand, is small enough to carry every day, whether you think about security or not.

Case in point: I once had a friend who went on a long trip home to visit family overseas. She left her keys with friends who were looking over the house while she was gone. Coming home, she managed to catch an early flight but showed up late at night and could not reach the friends who had the key.

After traveling for more than 24 hours, jet lagged, and worn out, she was finally home, only to be stuck on the porch.

If she had a simple wallet set of picks with her, she could have picked the lock and let herself in, saving several hours of time breaking into her own house while trying to reach her friends - not to mention the tears of frustration that ensued.

Here's a personal example of how a portable lock pick set could come in handy: Our family camping trip.

This trip was fraught with a lot of preparation that had nothing to do with the camping trip. Everything was packed in the trailer, and we took off on a two-week road trip.

The house would be taken care of by someone else, with all the plants watered and yard kept tidy.

The fires at work would be kept at bay by coworkers until our return home.

We had food, water, shelter, fun gear, and maybe a few bottles of wine for the evenings.

Upon arriving at our destination in the national forest, we started getting basecamp set up. There was one problem -  the key to tool box was still hanging in the garage where it was supposed to be! Even the hacksaw that we could have used to cut the lock was inside the box. Needless to say, a few things got ruined the process of freeing the toolbox from its bondage.

Once again, a simple wallet pick set either in my wallet or in the glovebox of the car would have saved the day.

This is why we have developed a set of pocket-sized picks that can get you out of a tight spot. In the Navy SEALS, there is a saying that one is none and two is one. The idea is that you should always have a backup.

Things get broken or lost, and having that backup makes all the difference.

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