SubtleDigs Releases New Beginner Lock Pick Kit | Bravo-Sierra V2

SubtleDigs Releases New Beginner Lock Pick Kit | Bravo-Sierra V2

SubtleDigs has released an all-new beginner lock pick gift set that provides hours of educational fun with an edgy twist. 


Retailing for $65.97, Bravo-Sierra V2 features three different clear practice locks, a complete set of picks and tension tools, and an instructional manual, all packed into a sleek hard-shell case. 


Major Lock Pick Set Upgrades

Bravo-Sierra V2 is an upgraded version of our flagship product, with improvements made based on user feedback. 


  • We've replaced the disk detainer lock with a new pin lock
  • Our new lock picking guide is more visual and easier to understand
  • Our set now comes in a branded case and box, ready for gift giving



In addition to these upgrades, we've pared down the selection of lock pick tools to the essentials, so that every tool in this kit is a useful component of the picking experience. 


New Clear Practice Locks 

These clear locks are included in the Bravo-Sierra Lock Picking Kit

  • Transparent padlock
  • Transparent cylinder lock
  • Double-sided deadbolt


Each practice lock is pin-based and can be opened with the picks included in the set.

These practice locks offer beginners a hands-on opportunity to see and feel how locks work.  


New Instruction Booklet

Our new lock picking guide was written specifically for locksport beginners. 

Lock Picking 101

Included with every set, this booklet covers: 

  • The difference between locksmithing and locksport
  • The types of lockpick tools and their names
  • How a tumbler lock works
  • How to pick a lock
  • How to rake a lock 
  • Troubleshooting
  • And how to connect with the locksport community


Lock Picking 101 is designed to help you put the tools in your practice kit immediately to use. 


New Branded Packaging

As we come into our own, SubtleDigs has decided to upgrade our packaging to reflect the style of our product and community. 


Our new beginner lock pick set features a branded hard shell carrying case so you can store your lock picking tools in style. 


Where to Buy Our Beginner Lock Pick Set Online

The Bravo-Sierra V2 lock pick set is available online at and on our Etsy shop. 




For media inquiries, we can be reached at 

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