Locksport competitions, meetings, and events list

Locksport competitions, meetings, and events list

Lock picking is a sport that involves unlocking locks without the use of a key or combination. It requires a combination of dexterity, patience, and mental focus. 

Over the years, lock picking has gained popularity as a competitive sport, with many events and competitions being held around the world. 

Below is a rundown of lock picking competitions, conferences, and events.

Groups and Meetups
Online Communities

Lock Picking Competitions

Lock-picking competitions are events where participants compete against each other to see who can unlock locks the fastest. 

Competitors are typically given a set of locks to pick, and their time is measured from the moment they start working on the first lock until they successfully open the last one.

Competitions can range from basic lock-picking challenges to complex, multi-stage events that test the skills of even the most experienced lock-pickers. 

Toool continuous competition

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, or Toool, hosts an ongoing competition for members of the organization. 

Launched in 2004 as TOOOL-BATTLE, the competition allows players to pick a set of locks as many times as they want, recording only the fastest time. Here is the link to the 2023 locks and scoreboard: https://toool.nl/competitie2023/ 

Dutch Open lockpick championships

Since 2002, TOOOL has also been hosting a challenging lockpick championship known as the Dutch Open. Held annual during LockCon, Lockpickers travel from around the world to this event in the hopes of being named the lock picking champion. 

Lockpick Village Competition

Perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes in competition, this contest at DefCamp challenges attendees to pick through four increasingly difficult locks with a beginner/average rating. The best pickers each day win a free set of picks. 

Lock Picking Conventions

While lockpicking-specific conventions are fairly sparse, security and hacker conventions often feature locksport. 

A frequent attraction at many of these events is Lockpick Village, run by TOOOL. Through hands-on experience with locks of varying levels of difficulty, you can gain practical knowledge about lock picking and develop your skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Experts will be on hand to demonstrate different techniques and provide trial locks, picks, shims, and other devices to help you master the art of lock picking.


This cybersecurity event in Bucharest, Romania, has been held annually for more than a decade. 

Website: DefCamp

Cost: Varies greatly depending on registration tier and date. https://def.camp/tickets/ 


LockCon is a long-standing international event in the lock-picking community. Held annually in Netherlands, it brings together lockpickers, locksmiths, hackers, lock manufacturers, law enforcement, and security professionals from around the world. 

The event includes lock-picking competitions, workshops, and demonstrations, and is a great opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with others in the field.

Website: LockCon

Cost: The entry fee for LockCon is around €200, $215 USD, or 177 GBP


This annual convention in Washington, D.C., is an annual three-day hacker convention. 

Website: ShmooCon

Cost: The entry fee for ShmooCon is $175


Lock Picking Groups and Meetups

Many major cities have active locksport groups where aspiring and advancing lockpickers can meet to hone their skills and share tips. 

Here is a list of the largest lock pick groups, organized by city: 

Albany, NY

Auckland, New Zealand

Austin, TX

Bluebell, Dublin, Ireland

Cincinnati, OH

Colorado Springs, CO

Columbus, OH

Easton, PA

Greenville, SC

Houston, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Milwaukee, WI

New York, NY

Orem, UT

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Philadelphia, PA

Raleigh, NC

San Marcos, TX

Sayreville, NJ

Seattle, WA

Stockholm, Sweden

Tampa, FL

Toronto, ON, Canada

You can find a more comprehensive list of groups here: Locksport Groups

Online Locksport Communities

The biggest online communities for locksport can be found on Reddit. They are:





Lock picking is a sport that requires skill, patience, and focus, and is growing in popularity as more people become interested in the world of locks and security.

With events and competitions taking place worldwide, there are many opportunities for participants to test their skills and learn from experienced lock pickers. 

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