Beginner Lock Pick Tools Checklist

Beginner Lock Pick Tools Checklist

We know that learning to pick a lock can be a little intimidating. There are so many tools out there!

But, in all honesty, you don't need a whole lot of tools to get started. 

The main reason lock pick sets come with so many tools is so that you have options.

But here are the 5 essential (and one optional) tools you should include in your practice lock pick kit:

1. Single Pin Pick

To practice picking single pins, you'll need at least one hook or diamond pick.

2. Rake

For times you don't want to pick single pins, you'll want a rake handy (city, snake, or bogotas work well).

3. Key Extractor

You never know with old locks. Sometimes you'll find a broken key inside. In these situations, the extractor is your friend.

4. Torsion Wrench

Torsion wrenches will help you hold pins in place during single pin picking so that you can open the lock.

5. Practice Locks

You'll want a few practice locks of varying difficulty, starting with clear acrylic locks and Master Locks, and working your way up.

6. Case or Wallet (Nice to have)

Make sure you have a case or wallet to keep your tools organized.
Beginner Lock Pick Tool Set
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