New credit card and travel lock pick sets coming soon

New credit card and travel lock pick sets coming soon

After successfully reaching our funding goal on Kickstarter, we're gearing up for the production of two brand new lock pick sets: A credit card pick set, and a full-size travel pick set. 

Why These New Picks Are Awesome

  • Made in the USA – We designed and manufactured these picks in the U.S. They're made in small batches due to the specialty material involved. 
  • Solid Materials – Each pick is made out of hardened 301 stainless steel. 
  • Comfortable – Our handle designs were inspired by our experience with stress-test analysis. The result is that they're a joy to use.
  • Precision Engineered – Each set was designed by SubtleDigs' owner, who is a professional engineer.
  • Compact – At just 0.024" thick, these picks can fit almost anywhere.


Credit Card Lock Pick Set

Our first new design is a credit card lock pick set designed for emergency lockout situations. 

Made for easy everyday carry (EDC), this set slides easily into any wallet. It's the same size as a standard credit card. 



  •  Card Size: 3.37 × 2.125" (85.6 mm x 53.98 mm) 
  •  Total Pick Length: 3" (76.2 mm) 
  •  Pick Thickness: 0.024" 
  •  Handle Length: 1.57" (40 mm)
  • Handle Width: .23" (6 mm)

We've included all these essentials in one compact set: 

  • Three-hump bogota: For raking
  • Snake: For raking
  • Small hook: For single pin picking
  • Handcuff shim: For opening the locking mechanism on handcuffs
  • Dual-sided tension wrench: Used to control tension at the top of the keyway or bottom of the keyway
  • Paper sleeve included


Full-Size Lock Pick Set

Our full-size lock pick set is designed for superior comfort without the bulk of plastic-handled picks. 




  •  Total Pick Length: 4.72" (12 cm)
  •  Pick Thickness: 0.024" 
  •  Handle Length: 3.14" (8 cm)
  •  Handle Width: 0.51" (13.1 mm) 

 The full-size set includes: 

  • Short hook
  • Medium hook
  • Triple peak bogota
  • Double peak bogota
  • Double peak worm
  • City rake
  • Four dual-sided tension tools


The production of these lock pick sets is made possible by the support of 335 backers on Kickstarter. We are grateful to the community!


You can pre-order the lock pick sets here.

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