Can Any Lock Be Picked?

Can Any Lock Be Picked?

You’ll run into passionate debates about the pick-ability of certain locks. The reality of this technology is that nearly any lock can be picked. If someone struggles to get past the mechanism, there are other ways to bypass the problem.

Most locks can get picked with a simple bumping technique. When you have the correct key insert and a tool to apply quick pressure, it only takes a few seconds to get past that mechanism.

Since we use locks to protect ourselves, is there some way to prevent people from bypassing this security mechanism?


Some Locks Require More Work Than Others to Pick

Your best option to create a pick-proof door is to use a high-security lock.

Use Locks with Enhanced Security Features

Most standard technology relies on pins that align when the key gets inserted into the cylinder. But you can use locks with side dimples and bars to enhance this mechanism and create a more significant challenge. This type of security offers enough protection to guard against the common criminal without being an expensive investment.


Install a Half-Deadbolt Lock

Another option for increasing security is to install a half-deadbolt lock in a door. This option is virtually pick-proof from the outside because it doesn’t offer a keyhole for the exterior. That means no one knows that you’ve got this security option installed unless they’ve been inside the home. The disadvantage with this technology is that it requires a smart lock to operate remotely if you plan to use it as a front door installation.


Improve a Full Deadbolt Lock

If you already have a full deadbolt installed on a door, you can reduce the chances that it gets picked by adding an accessory to the lock. When you block the handle from rotating, it cannot be opened by anything – including its key.

These locks provide numerous challenges that increase your overall security. What they don’t stop are the workarounds that are sometimes possible to bypass the technology.

How Do Criminals Get Around a Locked Door?

Did you know that most home invasion incidents occur because the front door was unlocked? The fastest and easiest way to enhance your security is to use the technology already present in your house or business.


Methods of Entry

When a lock is difficult to bypass, a criminal will look for other ways to gain entry. The most common option is to break a window. If your locking mechanism is within reach, the individual can unlock the door by removing a pane. That’s why an exterior door shouldn’t have glass near the lock.

An open or unlocked window is another simple way to bypass a locked door. If you install screens, it’ll take more time to access this potential entry point.

Even if you have a lock on your door, and you use it, a burglar might be able to use a pry bar to bypass the security installation. Although this tool will cause damage, it can be a fast way to gain access to your property.

Final Word on Securing Your Home

Although almost any lock can be picked, you can find a few that are nearly impossible for the average person. When you invest in a half-deadbolt, smart product, or a high-security feature, you’ll have the protection you want for your home or business.  

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