Premium Knife Sharpening Stone | Sharpen Outdoor/Survival Knives | Dual Grit 1000/6000 | Non-Slip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide

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Dual Grit Knife Sharpening Stone for Urban Survivalists and EDC

If you ever find your outdoor adventures are being slowed down by a dull knife, ax, or set of shears, our whetstone kit is a quick blade sharpening solution.

Our knife sharpening set makes a great addition to your EDC bag, kitchen drawer, or workshop table. 

In true minimalist fashion, our whetstone only needs water for lubrication. This makes it a highly portable and convenient traveling companion. 


Our Sharpening Stone Kit Includes:

  • 1000 grit side, perfect for bringing back a sharp edge fast
  • 6000 grit side, which will polish your newly sharpened blade 
  • Non-slip bamboo base
  • Whetstone sharpening angle guide
  • Instructions 

A Few Reasons Our Sharpening Stone is a Top Pick:

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our sharpening stone is durable and lasts a long time! It will prove to be a long-term trusted companion in the kitchen and in your travels.

EASY TO USE: The included edge guide and non-slip bamboo base make this sharpening stone easy to use. Soak the stone for a couple of minutes in water, and it is ready to go. 

MULTIPLE USES: The stone can be used to sharpen all your kitchen knives as well as other tools around the house. Restore an edge to a pair of scissors or cutting shears. Your pocket knife or multi-tools can also benefit from our stone's sharpening powers.

PORTABILITY: At 7” x 2.25”, this sharpening stone slides easily into small spaces. 

SAFETY: Sharp knives are safer to use because you can cut with less force.

FOOD PREP: A sharp knife makes food preparation quicker and easier. Good knife skills start with a sharp knife.


By Vistal Supply for SubtleDigs. 

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